Step 1)

In your Huboo dashboard visit the “Channels” page

Step 2) 

Click the Shopify Icon

Step 3)

Click the “Add Shop” button

Step 4)


Enter your “” domain (not your custom domain) in the Shop url field

Step 5) 

Click the “Next” button

Step 6)

Click the “Login into Shopify” button

Step 7)

You will be re-directed to Shopify - under the dialogue box detailing the information the Huboo application will have access to, click the “Install unlisted app” button


Step 8) 

Using the “Please select location” dropdown, choose the location in Shopify which you wish to map to Huboo (for inventory level management and fulfilment status & tracking number updates) IMPORTANT NOTE : selecting the wrong location may lead to tracking/status change updates failing.

Step 9) 

Click “Amend connection details” button to confirm the selected location

Step 10) 

You should see a dialogue box confirming the setup is complete: