To ensure Huboo can easily & effectively automatically manage your channel inventory levels and fulfil channel orders, it’s important your product identifiers and SKUs are set up in line with the purpose they are required to fulfil.


When your goods arrive at your Hub, our team need to know from looking at your stock what an item is - and the “identifier” is what we use to do that.

Using Barcodes as Identifiers

If your products have printed barcodes, these are ideal identifiers - not only does using the barcode as your identifier save you time assigning different ones, it also expedites the receipt of your stock to your Hub, as our team can simply scan the barcodes to identify the product. Using printed Identifiers such as barcodes also eliminates the risk of any human error when the identifiers are applied to products.


SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) are, by definition, numbers applied to a specific product (or package) for the purpose of inventory management. 

Huboo uses SKUs in multiple ways, but primarily these are used in matching orders. If you have, for example, a listing on Amazon with a different seller SKU for a product to the SKU for the same item you have detailed in Huboo, we may not recognise the item and will not be able to automatically fulfil that order. 

Depending on the settings applied to your account and your dashboard user preferences, we may also use SKUs to synchronise your inventory levels between Huboo and your sales channel(s).

Given the above, we recommend, wherever possible, clients use the same SKU for any given product on all channels they have that item for sale on. This SKU should then match the SKU on Huboo as well.

If you really need to use a different SKU for a different channel we can usually accommodate this, but do request you mention this to your Huboo Business Development Manager when onboarding with us, to ensure we have the correct settings applied to your account.

Adding and Assigning Identifiers & SKUs in Huboo

You can add identifiers & SKUs when you create Huboo listings, or can edit them at any time by following the below instructions:

Sign into your Huboo dashboard and click “Listings” from the sidebar navigation

Find the item you wish to amend details for and click the “details” button

In the listing details page you’ll be able to edit the Identifier & SKU, as well as the title, image and cost price per unit.

Huboo SKUs (“P Numbers”)

Once you create a Huboo listing, it will automatically be assigned a Huboo SKU, or ‘P Number’ , as we may sometimes refer to them. 

These exist purely for Huboo’s benefit - to ensure that every different item of inventory from every single Huboo client has a unique identifier for us to effectively manage all client inventory, held across all Huboo locations. 

You don’t need to use the Huboo SKU for anything on your sales channels, but it is helpful to quote them if you need help with specific products either from your Hub team or Huboo Client Success Manager.

Can I use my SKU as my Identifier?

In short, YES - provided your items are physically labelled with the SKU or have the SKU printed on the packaging. 

Can I use my barcode as my SKU?

Again - yes - as long as the barcode is also used as the ‘SKU’ your sales channels