To fulfil any item through Huboo the item will require its own Huboo listing, so we can assign a unique Huboo identifier to the product for inventory management purposes.

We only require ONE Huboo listing for each physical product you wish to stock with Huboo - not one per channel listing. You can link a single Huboo listing to multiple channels.

Important note - Huboo cannot check in inventory of any item until a Huboo listing has been created for it. 

Please ensure you create listings for your products before arranging inbound deliveries. 

A Huboo listing serves as our own internal, unique SKU for your product. As such you should not create listings for:

  • Bundle listings where you wish for Huboo to pick more than one item to fulfil the order line(s).

  • Variation listings which offer different quantities of the same product, which Huboo store in single units. You also need a bundle listing to manage these type of sales.


For these types of channel listings you will need to create Huboo Bundle Listings.

Creating Huboo Listings

You can create a listing with huboo by: