Huboo’s system is designed to easily allow clients to ship either all or only some of their products listed for sale on their channels through us.

The default behaviour of our client dashboard is to import all orders from any integrated sales channel (except Amazon orders marked as FBA and orders marked as FBB)

At that point our system will try to 'match' this order to inventory stored with Huboo. 

When we receive an order for an item which does not match either by SKU, item number, product ID or ASIN to any of your Huboo inventory listings, the order will be filtered to the “Sales Not With Huboo” section of your user dashboard. 

As a result, no actions will be taken by Huboo against any such order and no information is relayed back to the sales channel for those orders, leaving you able to process those orders however you wish.

Restricting Which Orders Huboo Ships By Country

We are also able to send orders to the “Sales Not With Huboo” section of your user dashboard based on the order's ISO2 country code. 

If you have specific countries you do not wish Huboo to ship to, please advise your Business Development Manager or create a support ticket requesting we set up a 'Country Block' for that/those countries.