Huboo is able to work with bundles/kits of your items, where you have multiple products listed for sale under a single SKU, but still want the flexibility of keeping those items stocked individually.

The ‘bundles’ feature of the Huboo dashboard is an optional setting, which allows you to replicate bundle listings on your sales channels by grouping individual Huboo listings into one ‘bundle listing’. You do NOT need a standard Huboo listing for Bundles, as they only represent a grouping of other inventory and not a physical stock unit.

Please note: as bundle listings are not representative of physically stocked items, we are currently unable to offer inventory synchronisation on your sales channels for bundles. Some channels, for example Shopify, offer Apps & Plugins to manage bundle inventory.

There are 3 important things you need to remember when creating Bundles with Huboo:

  • You do not need to create a separate listing within the Huboo dashboard for the bundle SKUs.

  • You should create your Huboo bundle listing(s) BEFORE you enable/create the listing(s) on your sales channel - so we can match bundle order as soon as you start to receive them

  • All you need to do is make sure your SKU for that listing on your sales channel is the same as the SKU you add in the bundle you create in the Huboo dashboard.

How to Create Bundle Listings on your Huboo dashboard

  • Scroll down to the "Bundles" link in the sidebar navigation on your Huboo dashboard, under the listings header:

  • To create a bundle listing, click the “Add New Bundle” button on the far right hand side of the Bundles page:

  • Enter the SKU for your bundle and the Bundle title in the fields at the head of the page. Please note order matching for bundles works EXCLUSIVELY by SKU matching, so the Huboo Bundle SKU MUST match your sales channels’ SKU for the bundle:

  • You will now be able to add items from your Huboo inventory to the bundle, using the search box:

  • Once you’ve found the item you wish to add, click the “Add to Bundle”: button

  • If you wish to increase the quantity of that SKU in the bundle, simply click on the pencil icon in the “QUANTITY” field

  • Enter the quantity of that item you wish to have in the bundle and click the tick icon (or the ‘x’ to revert the quantity to 1):

  • Repeat the above steps for all items you wish to add to the Bundle

  • Once you’ve added all the items you wish to include in the bundle, hit the “Submit” button:

  • If successful, you’ll be taken back to the Bundles page and a confirmation pop-up message will show

When you receive a sale for the bundle on your sales channel, this should now import as an order including each of the respective Huboo listings and their respective quantities in the bundle. 

NB: Back-order management for Bundles works differently to back-order management for standard Huboo listings. Read our guide on Managing Back Orders for full details. 

If you have already packaged your items in ‘Pre-packed Bundles’, with all items in the bundle packaged and stocked in one single package, you do not need to follow the above steps. Pre-packed bundles simply require you to create a standard Huboo listing and inventory will be managed for this item like any other product.