Please read the following requirements carefully before sending any stock to Huboo. Failure to follow these requirements may result in delays to stock being checked in, or goods being returned to you.

1. Ensure that all products are set up and added as listings with Huboo before sending goods in – this allows us to book your products in and get them ready for selling. We cannot receive items that do not have a Huboo listing.

2. Products must be clearly identified – this can be a SKU specific to your business, EAN etc. but it must be clearly marked on all products so that identification can be undertaken quickly and easily.


3. If you are sending a carton or bag with all of the same items inside then 1 label identifying what is in the carton will suffice. 

4. Tell us what’s coming – before your goods arrive please send us an ASN (Advance Shipment Notice) to - this should detail all quantities and details of any mixed cartons.

5. We need to be able to identify your items as yours when they arrive, so make sure that the first line of the address you send your shipments to contains your unique, 4 digit Huboo reference number.

6. Please ensure no individual items with a gross (packaged) weight of 30kg are sent - our maximum single parcel weight limit is 30kg and we cannot ship items that exceed this gross weight. We can send consignments of multiple products / quantities that exceed 30kg, but only across multiple packages.

Any additional labour needed to book goods in due to the above parameters not being adhered to will result in charges of £25 per hour. It will also delay the booking in of your products and may result in goods being returned to you.

Palletised Goods 

1. All palletised loads must be pre-notified and a delivery slot booked with our warehouse. This can be done through your sales representative or by emailing


2. All pallets must be structurally sound and free from damage.


3. All pallet loads must be within the confines on the pallet. Any offset, tilted, or leaning loads may be rejected at the discretion of the warehouse supervisor, on grounds that the load would be unsafe to move.


4. Restacking of pallets will be charged at £25 per hour.


5. If your load is not palletised and requires handballing of the load, then this must be pre-booked and a container unload charge will be raised.

Any goods not booked in with us before arrival or that are damaged or dangerous on arrival may be rejected at the warehouse’s discretion. Huboo will not accept liability or cover additional costs for deliveries that are rejected.