The listings section of the dashboard shows all current Huboo listings for your stock.

Before you send any stock to Huboo for an item, you must create a Huboo listing for that item. 

If you need help on creating Huboo listings, please see our getting started guide on Adding Listings To Huboo.

What Does The Listings With Huboo Section Do?

The "Listings" section allows you to manage your existing Huboo listings.

Within the "Listings" page you can :

  • Link (and un-link) your channel listings to Huboo listings
  • Check stock levels 
  • Update details for listings (such as your SKU or Identifier) 
  • Remove listings from Huboo 

Locating A Huboo Listing

You can find any Huboo listing you have created by scrolling or searching for the listing in the "Listings With Huboo" section of your dashboard. 

You can sort the results by any fields by clicking the column header (e.g. to sort alphabetically by title, click the "Title" column header, to sort reverse alphabetically, click the "Title" header twice.

The "Search" field allows you to search for the listing using:

  • The product's Identifier.
  • Your SKU. 
  • The Huboo SKU (P Number). 
  • The product Title.

Stock Levels

The "Listings With Huboo" section's "Huboo Stock" field indicates the quantity of an item that is unallocated at that point and available for sale. 

If you have a sales channel integrated with your Huboo account, with inventory synchronisation enabled, this is the value we will send to your channel for the inventory level of that item.


The action column features two buttons: "Details" and "Labels".


By clicking the "Details" button, you can see all the available date for a listing in Huboo and are able to edit many of those details:

Which Details Can You Edit From The "Details" Page Of A Listing?

You can edit the following details in this section:

  • The Identifier for the item. Refer to this guide for information on Identifiers.
  • Your SKU for the item. Refer to this guide for information on SKUs.
  • The Cost price of the item. This is used to calculate your stock holding value.
  • The Image for an item.

Which Details Can You NOT Edit From The "Details" Page Of A Listing?

You cannot change the Huboo SKU for an item. This is unique to this listing within Huboo and will never change.

You cannot change channel-specific details regarding a listing from the details page, such as eBay item number or your website's product ID. 

You should use the linking channels feature to adjust channel-spdetails, by un-linking and re-linking Huboo listings to listings on your sales channel.


The "Labels" action allows you to generate and print labels which can be scanned at Huboo for easy receipt of stock. Please note these labels only work with Huboo scanners.