With the UK leaving the EU on 1st January 2021, new requirements exist for businesses exporting goods from the UK.

Our partner carriers have requested 3 pieces of key product information (by Jan 1st 2021) in order to send your products outside of the UK and speed up the customs process: 

• Commodity Code (click here for information on where to find this) 

Country of Manufacture 

• Customs Description


This will benefit any product exports out of the UK, whether that is to the EU or the Rest of the World. Failure to include this information in consignments can easily lead to failed deliveries or parcels being returned to Huboo. As a result, these fields are now MANDATORY on all Huboo listings if you wish to ship outside the UK using Huboo.

How To Add Customs Information To Your Huboo Listings

You can add this information directly to your products in the "Listings" page of your Huboo dashboard.


Editing Single Huboo Listings 

If you have a small number of Huboo listings, or need to enter different customs information for each listing, you can edit the Customs Information at product level:

  • Go to "Listings" under the Listings menu in your dashboard

  • Find the product you need to enter Customs Information for using the search or by scrolling through your listings
  • Click the "Details" button under the "Action" Column

  • Within the "Product Information" page, under the "PRODUCT IDENTIFIERS" section, you'll find the three fields that need completing ("Country of Manufacture", "Customs Description" and "Commodity Code") 

  • Click the 'pencil' icon alongside the "Country of Manufacture" field 

  • Select the correct country from the drop-down list

  • Click the 'tick' icon to update the field

  • Next click the 'pencil' icon alongside the "Customs Description" field
  • You should describe the product clearly and succinctly in this field. Include core information such as
    • What is the product?
    • What the product is made of?
    • What the product is used for?

  • Our example's Custom's Description would be something along the lines of "A PLUS Plastic Paintbrush For Children 382004"Whilst being succinct, you should be specific to include brand and code if available.  When you've entered your description, click the 'tick' icon to update the field.

  • Now click the 'pencil' icon alongside the "Commodity Code" field and enter the correct Commodity Code for your product. You can find your product's Commodity Code at https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff - if you need help using this page please refer to this article

  • Click the 'tick' icon to update the field

Checking Your Data Is Correct

  • You need to complete ALL THREE FIELDS.
  • The Commodity Code should be at least 8 characters in length. If it shorter than 8 characters the code you have entered is incorrect and our system will block orders for this item until the error is resolved
  • You should check that you have entered this data for ALL of your Huboo listings.

Bulk Editing Huboo Listings

If you have several Huboo listings which share the same Customs Information (all three required pieces of information - Commodity Code, Country of Manufacture and Customs Description) you can update listings in bulk to save time.

To Bulk Update Listings

  • Go to your "Listings" page in your dashboard
  • On the far right hand side of the page, above your listings results, you'll find a "Bulk Edit" toggle switch 
  • Toggle this switch to the "On" position
  • Three fields will appear at the head of the page

  • Enter the following data into these fields

                • Commodity Code (click here for information on where to find this) 

                • Country of Manufacture 

                • Customs Description (see further up this article for info on what to enter)


  • Enter the appropriate value into each field, then select the listings you wish to apply this to by checking the circular checkbox at the top left of each listing result
  • Once you have selected all the listings you wish to apply the Customs Information to on the selected page of listings, click the "Apply To Selected" button at the far right of the Customs Information fields at the head of the page
  • A confirmation box will be displayed - if you're sure you've entered the correct information, click "Yes" to proceed
  • A notification will show at the head of the page to confirm the selected listings have been updated
  • Whilst in "Bulk Edit" mode you'll be able to see the Customs Information for each product in list view


  • You can select up to 100 listings at a time to apply the Customs Information to. If you wish to change the number of listings per page you see, you will need to toggle the "Show # entries" field underneath the "Bulk Edit" toggle switch
  • If you have more than 100 listings, you'll need to click through to the next page of listings using the page links at the bottom right of the page and repeat the process above for EACH PAGE OF RESULTS
  • If you select a listing which already had data in any of the three Customs Information fields, the data will be over-written by that which you applied to the Bulk Edit