We require three vital aspects of information from you for all Huboo listings if you intend to ship goods internationally (outside the UK) from Huboo.

One of these aspects of information is the item's 'Commodity Code' for export - which can be found at https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/

How To Find the Correct Commodity Code On The UK Gov Trade Tariff Site

Finding your item's commodity code on the Gov.uk website is fairly simple - this article is designed to help expedite the process.

  • Search for the product type in the "Search the tariff" field and click the magnifying glass icon to perform the search. We recommend entering a clear and simple description to ensure results are returned (if your search generates no results, remove some words to make the search broader - for example search "Artist Brush" instead of "Oil Paints Brush")

  • The category of product that your search falls within should be shown

  • The different variations of that product type shown in a list below

  • Click the "Description" of the variation of product type that is most suitable for your product - in our example we're looking at "Artists' Brushes"
  • You should then be taken to a page with the full "Commodity Information

  • The Commodity Code required by Huboo is the "Export" Commodity Code, shown on the right hand side of the results