Step 1)

Sign into your Etsy account

Step 2)


Step 3)

Underneath the “Apps You’ve Made” section, click the “Create a New App” button

Step 4)

Complete the form to create a new app - call the application “Huboo”, describe it as a “Fulfilment application” and enter “” in the Application Website field:

Step 5)

Check the following boxes in the next stage of the form

Step 6)

Check the Captcha box and click the “Read Terms and Create App” button

Step 7)

Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up terms and conditions, check the “I have read and agree to the Etsy API Terms of Use” box and click the “Create App” button

Step 8)

Your API Keystring and Shared Secret will be generated - keep this page open in a separate window/tab

Step 9)

Now log into your Huboo dashboard and go to the “Channels” page (link at the bottom of the left hand sidebar navigation)

Step 10)

Click the Etsy Icon

Step 11)

Click the “Add Shop” button

Step 12)

Enter your Etsy Shop Url into the “Shop Url” field. You can find this by visiting your Etsy shop manager page, clicking on the “Etsy” link under “SALES CHANNELS”. You’ll be taken to your Etsy shop page from where you can copy the first section of your URL - DO NOT include the ?ref=seller-platform-mcnav element of the URL


Step 13)

Navigate back to the page you have open with your Etsy API keystring and Shared Secret and copy and paste these carefully into the fields shown

Step 14)

Click “Connect

Step 15)

Click the “Login into Etsy” button

Step 16)

You’ll be re-directed to Etsy, where details of the details Huboo will be able to access are shown - scroll to the bottom and click the “Allow Access” button