You will need the Squarespace “Commerce Advanced Plan” to integrate your store with Huboo (lower cost plans do not allow API access to orders and other vital information)

Step 1)

Login to your Squarespace account

Step 2)

Click on the three dots menu link on the site you wish to integrate (under the “My Paid Sites” section)

Step 3)

Click “Go to Site

Step 4)

Click on the “Settings” link in the sidebar navigation

Step 5)

Click “Advanced” at the foot of the settings sidebar navigation

Step 6)

Click on the “Develop API Keys” link

Step 7)

Click the “GENERATE KEY” button

Step 8)

In the pop-up box, give the API Key a name (call it ‘Huboo’) and check all of the Permissions boxes, as per the below screenshot


Step 9)

Click the “GENERATE KEY” link at the top of the pop-up box

Step 10)

Your API Key will be generated in the pop-up box. Keep this page open in a separate window/tab

Step 11)

Now log into your Huboo dashboard and go to the “Channels” page (link at the bottom of the left hand sidebar navigation)

Step 12)

Click the Squarespace Icon

Step 13)

Click the “Add Shop” button

Step 14)

Copy and paste your API key from your Squarespace API key details page into the field in Huboo

Step 15)

Click “Connect