Huboo Open API users have a unique view of Huboo's internal order statuses, which you will need to understand in order to effectively map your own channel statuses.

These statuses are detailed below. If you are unsure of any of these status' definitions, please raise a support ticket.

In Progress
order line received, pending shipping
This order line item will be fully processed for shipping in our next 'shipping lock' (this occurs three times daily, 07:30/12:00/14:30).

order line item allocated to stock but held, pending release
This will only apply to accounts whereby 'hold_orders' setting is applied either in isolation or with 'release_full_baskets' also applied

This feature is only available when the '/invalidate' form of create order request is used. 

order line item received but cannot be fulfilled
Most orders placed via OpenAPI would fail validation if they contain errors and an error message returned to the post orders request;

However, this status may be returned using get orders endpoint and viewing orders placed with huboo from another channel source.

order line item complete, shipment created, tracking assigned (i.e. shipped)Orders progress to this status once tracking numbers have been assigned and the picking and packing process is complete.
order line item cancelled in Huboo
You can submit cancellation requests via OpenAPI, provided the order is not locked for shipping

You can also cancel orders manually within your Huboo dashboard at Current Sales With Huboo or Sales Not With Huboo