For many clients their packaging is an integral part of their product and brand. 

As such, you may wish to adapt or customise the packaging used on different products or orders, without the need to pre-pack items before sending them to Huboo.

This allows you to optimise your inventory resources stored at Huboo and send goods and their constituent packaging directly to Huboo from your suppliers.

You can utilise features & applications within both Huboo & Shopify to facilitate this process automatically.

Retaining Visibility Over Packaging, Inserts & Other Product Constituents

As with any core product, most clients will want to be able to manage their supply levels of packaging, inserts and other constituents used in their product packages. 

As such, you can simply create listings with Huboo for each item of inventory you send us - including the packaging, inserts and other constituents. As a listing, these components will be subject to the usual fees applicable to storage and picking, avoiding the need for any bespoke pricing arrangements.

How Does Huboo Know What Inserts & Custom Packaging To Use With Different Products?

If you have only one type of packaging, in a single size/format, it is possible to make operational arrangements to use bespoke packaging in place of our standard packaging. 

However, where you need to use different types of packaging and/or inserts in different products, you will need to communicate this information to us within the orders we receive from your sales channel.

Some channels may allow you to create listings from constituent parts, so that they are sold and listed as single items on the front end of your store, but are processed as individual line items (SKUs) within your orders - and in the order data we receive via API.

There is no universal solution for this however - and most marketplaces like eBay and Amazon do not facilitate this.

Huboo's bundles feature can be used to create this type of 'composite' product or product containing specific inserts or packaging. Once you've created your listings with Huboo for each of the component parts, simply create a Huboo bundle containing each and every part.

You should ensure once you've done this that you provide clear information to your Huboo Business Development Manager on how the bundles should be packaged and that a clear brief is provided on the inclusion of inserts and other constituents. This will then be clearly relayed to your dedicated Hub manager. Some clients like to provide tutorial videos for this purpose, which we're more than happy to work from.

Please note that Huboo's bundle feature does not currently support inventory synchronisation, however, you can achieve this using Shopify apps. For detailed information on how to do this, read our help article on Synchronising Inventory To Shopify For Products Set Up As Bundles In Huboo