It's easy to ship stuff to huboo, just follow the steps below:

1) Prepare your items for shipping. We need to be able to tie your items to their listings. You can use the any channel product number (e.g. eBay Item no, Shopify Product no), the EAN code/barcode, or your own SKUs to identify your items. As long as each item has a label with one of these codes on it we can check the item in when it arrives and associate it with the eBay product. If you are sending us multiples of the same items it’s enough to label only the box/bag the similar items are sent inside.  This can save you time and also allows you to send stuff to us straight from wholesalers if you use them

2) Allow us to manage your products. We can only manage orders from products that you have given us control over. You can do this in the huboo management: console. 

  • Login to huboo
  • Click on “Listings not yet with huboo” - Screen Shot
  • Then “Select” the items you want to move - Screen Shot
  • Then click on Choose Options - Screen Shot
  • And select how you will identify the item (EAN, eBay ID, etc.) and optionally select insurance level (if you want it).

IMPORTANT NOTE : You only need to add ONE listing for each SKU you send us. You don't need to add listings for the same SKU from each of your channels. 

Once you have added the listing, you can link that listing to other channels later.

3) Ship your items to us. You can send it straight in from a wholesaler or supplier, you can send it to us yourself (we recommend Parcel2Go for some really good rates). or you can even drop it to us if you are near your assigned warehouse. We need to be able to identify your items as yours when they arrive, so make sure that the first line of the address you send your shipments to is your unique reference number (Screen Shot).

That's it. 

It's worth understanding what happens to your eBay, Amazon and other Channels items while the goods are in transit to us, so I recommend you read this next.

What happens to my eBay items while the goods are in transit to huboo >>

If you need any more help open a ticket here.