Yes is the simple answer.  This happens automatically - even if the same customer orders in two separate orders then we match orders on post code, name and first line of address. If they match we will attempt to send in the same package. 

We give a discount on the fulfilment fees for every item after the first item.  Our fulfilment fees are per item - this covers receiving,  storage for 2 months, inventory control, picking and postage. As we save on the postage - we pass on savings for this element of the fee via a multiple item discount.

For example if the fulfilment fee for an item is £0.88 for a large letter size :

Order for Bill Smith  -   1 Lake View,  LV1 1VV

1 Item of product A - Item fulfilment charged at £0.88

1 item of product B -  Item fulfilment charged at £0.88 + 40% discount = £0.53

Total Fulfilment charge - including Receiving, storage for 2 months, inventory control, picking and postage = £1.40.  

IMPORTANT TO NOTE - This is even the case if the items are packaged as a Parcel with higher fees - or even if they are sent out in two packages I.e. the fulfilment fee is based on the original item weight/size NOT the final package size.

We have the option in some cases to tailor the discount based on history, business type and pack sizes. Please contact your account manager / sales contact to discuss.