Shipping & Holding Partially Allocated Orders

We appreciate that sometimes you’ll receive back orders for items and have a dedicated system to manage these. At the same time, you may also receive orders from customers for some items that are in stock and some that are not in stock. 

Different customers may choose to process these types of orders differently, so our system has been designed with a number of non-default options (which our team can enable for you) to help customise the way we manage back-orders for you.

Hold Orders

Our hold orders instruction essentially disables automatic fulfilment. Orders are automatically imported to our system as usual, however a ‘hold’ is placed on each line from the order. 

You will then need to visit your ‘Sales’ tab


On the first tab, ‘Current Sales With Huboo’, you should see all orders for items which are available for dispatch.

Alongside each item you’ll see a “Release” button, as shown below 

Clicking this button will instruct us to dispatch this item (in the respective quantity shown in the row).  

Please note that if the item has more than one SKU attached, these will be on separate rows and you will need to click “Release” on each row you wish to dispatch.  You don’t have to release all rows off an order if you don’t want to.

Releasing Full Orders

An additional setting we are able to activate is essentially an override to the above, allowing us to automatically release orders for which all items are available for dispatch. This is known as ‘Release Full Orders’.

If you request us to activate ‘Hold Orders’ and ‘Release Full Orders’, the outcome will be that only your partially-allocated orders will be held pending you releasing them. 

All orders that are fully in-stock at the time of processing will be dispatched automatically without the need for you to use the release function. Our system will scan all held items once an hour and release all complete orders.

Important Note:

If you receive orders which have more than one item and one item is not linked / correctly linked to any listing with Huboo, this will not be classed as part order. 

As many clients choose to ship some items directly themselves or from more than one location, our system has been designed to manage orders only for items which have correctly matching listings with Huboo. As such, it’s really important you ensure that all your sales channel listings are correctly matched to your Huboo listings; failure to do so may result in multi-item orders part-shipping even if the above two settings have been enabled.