Shopify offers users the ability to add more than one virtual “Location” for managing inventory. 

For Huboo’s Shopify integration to function correctly when we send status changes and upload tracking numbers to the channel, it is crucial that Huboo is mapped to the correct location in Shopify.

Summary Of Required Settings

When integrating your Shopify store(s) with Huboo, you will be asked to select a location

In case you need to edit these settings later, you can get back to this page by going to  (you can find this pop-up box again at , clicking the Shopify icon and clicking the pencil icon:

The location you select here should be the location that Huboo will send inventory updates to within Shopify and where orders for these items will be marked as fulfilled from in Shopify. 

If you only have one location, it’s simple - just select in Huboo the one location that exists in your Shopify store.

If you have more than one location, you should select the location which you wish to represent the stock you hold / will hold at Huboo. This location in Shopify should also have the “fulfill online orders from this location” setting applied.

What Happens If My Settings Are Wrong?

If Shopify assigns an order to a location which is not the location selected in Huboo, Huboo will be unable to mark those orders as fulfilled and upload tracking numbers to those orders.

What Are Shopify Locations And Where Can I Find / Edit / Add locations?

By default, Shopify stores will have one location (usually your business address you used to create the Shopify account with)

You may choose to add more under the “Settings” > “Locations” menu