We want to facilitate the success of every international order by ensuring Customs Validation is completed correctly.


From the 17/08/2021 a valid country will need to be included within the address for all orders received through the Huboo API.


Should the country field not be included with the order, or the included data not be validated as a country, the country field will need to be corrected so that we can fulfil the order.


Orders sent to Huboo without country information in the address, or with information that cannot be validated as a country, will be found on the Huboo Dashboard within Sales > Sales not with Huboo

The order will be displayed with the error message ‘Invalid country’.

Click the address under the ‘Customer’ column to edit the Country field to a valid country. Should data be in the field, but not a validated country, the error message ‘the country name field must be a valid value’ will be displayed.

Once corrected the order can be sent to be fulfilled by clicking ‘Reprocess Order’. Should the Country Name field continue to include incorrect information an error will be returned.